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At the beginning of a flight, business class travelers are given an amenity kit, which contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer and a pair of socks, among other items. Once these travelers reach their destination, the items that are left behind are thrown away. These amenity kits and their contents are a treasure for those who have nothing.


Becoming a Business Class Angel involves helping us collect airline amenity kits, which will be donated to those in need. It also involves becoming responsible for someone’s smile! Since 2016, the Business Class Angels have collected and donated thousands of items to charitable organizations.


Becoming a Business Class Angel is easy!


If you work for a business in France or abroad, you can:


  • Share this page with coworkers who travel business class. You can designate someone within the company to be in charge of gathering the collected amenity kits. We will coordinate with them to pick up the collected items, either on-site or by mail.

  • Collect items on your own and contact us when you have several amenity kits stocked up. We will coordinate a pick-up time at your convenience, or, if we are too far for an on-site pickup, we also receive donations through by mail.


Questions you might be wondering about:


Who will receive the amenity kits and collected items?

All of the items will be donated to charities requesting our help or that we seek out. We are always looking for charitable organizations in need. 


How are the amenity kits donated?

We drop them off directly to charities that request them or that we approach with donations, or we send them by mail.


What happens to the amenity kits that you receive?

We sort through every item to ensure that they have never been used and we dispose of any used items. We then organize and separate the items to make the donation process simpler and more efficient. For example, the sleeping masks may be requested by certain charities, but not others. The same applies to earplugs, toothbrushes, toiletries and other items.


Where can I send or drop off the amenity kits?

At the moment, we only have several personal addresses, which we will share by request.


How else can I help? 


By sharing what we do with as many people as possible, by collecting amenity kits from other business class travelers and by donating items to charitable organizations.

By helping us get in touch with airline companies so we can receive permission to collect amenity kits at the end of flights, since the flight and cleaning crews are not allowed.


By helping us find a company willing to provide bags (paper, textile, or plastic), which will help us sort the donations by category, or containers, boxes and large bags, which will help our volunteers drop off collected amenity kits after traveling.

By helping us benefit from low-cost, economical rates which will help us send packages by mail.


By liking and sharing our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.


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