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A cover story is the highlight of a newspaper or magazine. It’s the story that makes the front-page news. Those who are left out in the cold should always be given such importance. I decided to create COVER STORIES since, after having grown up in Africa, I always feel cold in the winter. I also can’t stand the thought of others feeling this way, and in Paris, where I live, there far too many people outside who face the cold with nothing to keep them warm.

COVER STORIES started as a simple idea: Since I am fortunate enough to have several blankets, some of which only spend their time in storage keeping the closets warm, I donate them so they can instead help keep warm someone who sleeps out in the cold.  

COVER STORIES would like your help and your blankets! COVER STORIES is a shared adventure. Everyone can contribute and make a difference. The most important part of the story is helping as many people as possible keep warm. 

There are many ways you can offer your support. Any and all of your ideas and suggestions are also welcome.  

Cover Stories

How You Can Help 

1.    Sort through your blankets and wash the ones you would like to donate.

2.    Drop off the blanket at a collection point, or volunteer to act as a blanket collection point.

3.    Volunteer to distribute the collected blankets or volunteer your vehicle for blanket distribution rounds.

4.    Spread the word to help raise awareness and collect as many blankets as possible.      

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